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cosme chef

 COSMETIC + CHEF’s Admixture

It contains the heart of a CHEF who carefully cooks for your skin.
It's a natural nutrient made by CHEF's hands that's safe and healthy enough to be eaten
cosmetics that fit skin concerns.
Our Menu
Healthy recipe for your skin
It's not a cosmetic that's good for your skin,
It’s cosmetics that the skin likes.
It's not a product that's mass-produced like instant food.
Each product is carefully created by
roasting and blending all the precious ingredients.
We study the essence of skin with natural ingredients.
We develop the product with the belief that we’ll make a healthy meal for our skin.


Product details

Product details
Weight,Volume 110g
Main Specification all skin types
Expiration Date 24 months / 12 months after opening
Directions First, wet the bar with water and apply lukewarm water to the face 10 times. After 60 seconds of rolling, massage with the HEUKDANGO F extract on your face, rinse with lukewarm water. If additional keratin seeps into your fingertips, wash well with water.
Manufacturer, Distributor Cosme Chef Co., Ltd.
Ingredients Olive oil, coconut palm oil, purslane powder, honeysuckle flower extract, evening primrose oil, hemp seed oil, purslane extract, elm root powder, cacao seed powder, sodium hyaluronate, charcoal powder, ginseng powder, centella asiatica leaf/stem Powder, elm root extract, non-patient extract, dandelion whole plant extract, Spanish licorice root powder, medicinal wool flour, corn starch, ginseng extract, centella asiatica leaf/stem extract, Spanish licorice root extract, medicinal wheat extract, green tea powder, sodium polyacrylate , Xanthan gum, Candida bombicola/glucose/methyl lactate fermented product, green tea extract, Bacillus ferment
Functional Cosmetic N/A
Caution 1. If any abnormal symptoms or side effects such as red spots, swelling, itching occur during use or on sun-exposed area after use, consult a dermatologist.
2. Do not apply the product on the part where you have open wound.
3. Cautions for storage and handling
a. Keep away from the reach of children.
b. Avoid direct sunlight when storing the product.
4. Avoid contact with eyes.
Quality Assurance Standard For defective products, compensation will be made according to the Standards of Consumer Dispute Settlement noticed by the Fair Trade Commission.
Manufacturing country South Korea

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