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Customer Service

  • Can anyone shop in a duty free store?
    Customers with confirmed international travel schedule can shop in a duty free store. Please bring your passport and flight ticket(e-ticket) when you visit The Shilla Duty Free store or you may not be able to purchase duty free items. You can pick up the items you purchased on the departure date, at the pick-up lounge in an airport / naval port with your passport and flight ticket(e-ticket)
  • When can I shop in a duty free store?
    Customers may purchase from 60 days prior to the date of departure. In case of departing the same day, please note that the closing hours may differ depending on the airport of departure.
  • How can I collect my items?
    We recommend all customers arrive at the pick-up counter 1 to 2 hours before departure. Delivery may be delayed depending on the volume of passengers.
    After completing check-in, please visit the pick-up desk and present an exchange voucher, passport, and boarding pass.
    Visit our pick-up desk, take The Shilla Duty Free's queue number and wait for your queue number to be called.
    When collecting the purchased goods, check quantity and product name. Should there be an issue, notify the pick-up counter staff immediately.
    Once you sign the pick-up receipt, The Shilla Duty Free will not be responsible for the issues on the goods.
    Goods purchased at downtown duty free stores can be delivered at the departure pick-up desk only. They cannot be collected at the arrival or purchased/delivered after the arrival.
  • How can I change or refund my purchase?
    [Replacement / Refund procedure and cautions]

    -If you wish to replace or refund collected item, you can do so within 30 days of collecting it.
    -In case the product is different from the indicated or advertised content or defective, replacement and refund is possible within 3 months from collecting product or 30 days from knowing this.
    -Replacement and refund of product shall be processed according to customer regulations, and in case of refund due to personal cause such as simple change of mind, shipping cost shall be incurred to customer.
    -Replacement or refund is available in the following procedure according to customs regulations even if the cause of replacement and refund has been satisfied.
    · Item to be replaced/refunded exceeds $800: According to customs regulations, apply overseas via international post, or report and keep as belongings at customs during entry for replacement or refund.
    - According to the amendment of customs law , if you report voluntarily declare goods and pay taxes at customs during entry, you can exchange or get a refund in person at a duty free shop. (it apply to travelers bringing goods From January 1st, 2021)
    - Replacement or refund of the products that is flammable and liquid materials (such as spray and perfume etc) can not be available through international delivery postal service.
    · Item to be replaced/refunded is below $800: Replacement/refund is available without international post or customs belongings report/keeping procedure.

    Cancellation guide
    -Before collecting
    -To cancel the product, visit brand store in person
    (the passport holder of departing person)
    -with passport and exchange voucher. (Bring promotional gift if any.)
    -If the product has flaws or is defective, replacement/refund is available. (Replacement is not available if there is no stock.)
  • Should person who departs and person who purchases match?
    Only the person who departs from South Korea can purchase and collect duty free items. One who is willing to purchase duty free items should be one who scheduled to depart from South Korea and should make purchase with one's legitimate passport number.
  • Can I change the name of ordering person after making the order?
    According to Korea Customs Service, it is not possible to change the customer's name after purchase. Should you wish to change the customer's name, you need to cancel the existing order and re-purchase in the name of another customer.
    However, the purchase terms and benefits will be in effect based on the time of re-purchase.
  • How can I change the departure date? How can I collect my item if the departure airport was changed on my departure day?
    Within the minimum of 3 days prior to departure, please go to MY SHILLA > Order History > Order History Details and click "Change Departure Information" to change the date of departure and flight number manually in order to pick up the goods.
    * If you cannot change it online, please contact The Shilla Duty Free customer service.
    * If you need to change the country of departure (airport/port), please cancel your order and make new purchase(s).
    * If you attempt to change the date of departure close to the date, you may not be able to receive your goods.
    * You may change your departure information up to three times.
  • Can I pick up my items if the passport number I used to make an order differed from the number on the passport I currently carry?
    Customer's passport number must match with the purchase history to claim the purchased goods.
    If passport has been re-issued, please present a new passport.
    If purchased with an expired passport, it is possible to make changes before customs declaration. To check customs declaration, please contact the customer service.
    However, if the product has been declared, it must be canceled and re-purchased. The purchase conditions will be in effect based on the time of re-purchase.
  • What happens if I didn't collect my item on my departure? Can I cancel the order?
    For unclaimed products, refunds or pick-up on another departure date is possible upon contacting customer service.
    If you wish to pick-up the goods on the date of re-departure, please contact the customer service to make the change of departure information.
    If you attempt to change the country of departure (airport/port) close to the date of departure, you may not be able to receive your goods.

    If you want a refund, you may bring your passport, voucher, and credit card of the purchase and visit The Shilla Duty Free store.
    If you do not submit a change or cancellation of departure date for unclaimed product(s), the purchase will be automatically canceled after 10 days.
    It will be processed under your payment method, and it will not be possible to re-participate in the same event or receive the same prepaid cards/vouchers.
    If you have a product purchased with cash or gift certificates, please contact the store you purchased.