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Suunto was founded in 1936 by Tuomas Vohlonen, a Finnish orienteer and inventor of the liquid-filled field compass. Since then Suunto has been at the forefront of design and innovation for dive computers, instruments and sports watches used by adventure seekers all over the globe. From the highest mountains to the deepest oceans, Suunto physically and mentally equips outdoor adventurers to conquer new territory.

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Product details

Product details
Material/Purity/BandMaterial(Watch) Strap: Silicone / Case: Reinforced Composite
Weight 90g
Size 53mm
Caution *Cautions
1. Water resistant
For the safety and durability of the product, it is never recommended to wear SUUNTO outdoor products in water with flows such as in the ocean as they are only water resistant (except diver watches). (Using the buttons in the water could leave damage on the product)
2. Battery
Batteries are exchanged without charge for 3 months from the date of purchase for the reason of battery shock or electric discharge. There is possibility of early discharge of battery as the one in the product when you bought it was for monitoring the function and performance of the watch.
3. Others
When you place the watch near magnetic fields such as computer, mobile phone, audio, speaker, TV, and etc. could cause delay in time. The plated products, watch band(leather, urethane, synthetic leather, steel) could get discolored when it contacts the soil or water.
※ We are not responsible for the collateral and indirect damage or loss the customer experienced by product failures.
Main Spec Maximum Water Level 100m(ISO6425 as standard)
Warranty Provided Y
Quality Assurance Standard *A/S Policy
1. Free A/S (Warranty period)
Warranty period starts from the date of purchase. The product could be made of several different parts and warranty period for each parts could differ.
-Warranty period for wristop computer(module, sensor) is 24 months.
-Warranty period for watch band, POD, heart rate trans meter, charged battery, PC cable and other expendables and components is 12 months.
2. Paid service (when the product got damaged after the warranty period.)
A/S for the damage on watch due to the customer's negligence will be charged despite the warranty period.
- Damage caused by the customer's negligence (damage from impact, loss or damage of component, not following the manual)
- Damage caused due to dismantle, assemble, repair, renovation done by the customer.
- Damage caused due to repair made by unauthorized service center other than the official SUUNTO service center.
- Damage caused due to the usage of other company's accessories and expendables instead of using SUUNTO's.
- Damage or loss caused by any other careless actions.
(The parts that got fixed or exchanged during the warranty period will continue to get benefitted by the remaining warranty period or will have 3 months of warranty period starting from the date of repair.) Finland

National size guide Details

Watch type dive computer equipped with color display.


    ■ Be advised that adjusting watch bands during the peak season is not possible. ■ Be advised to check in advance whether it is possible to adjust/repair watch bands before a purchase by contacting AMER SPORTS Customer Center (02-515-1318). Please be aware that adjusting/repairing watch bands at Shilla Duty-Free Shop in Incheon Airport is not possible. ■ Customer Notice Please make an examination of normality for the product with staff in charge at the Pick-up Counter as being delivered to a customer. (The company is not responsible for defects found after that) Be highly advised to read "Watch Instructions and Customer Service Notice Guide" enclosed with a warranty. The product can get humidified by a sudden water pressure though it is waterproof in general therefore be highly advised to be very careful when dealing with water-related thing with the product on. (Be informed that Exchange or Customer Service for the water directly caused product is not possible.) ■ Goods for Customer Service Battery life is not based on purchase date but manufacturing date, so there is a possibility of a watch to stop working right after a purchase. This is not a defect. A customer can get a free battery exchange service under warranty at the shop where the watch was purchased or at the official Customer Service Center and a warranty must be accompanied. (Charged to a customer when out of warranty.) ■ Free Customer Service Period 1year: ROSEMONT, TIMEX 2year: AIGNER, PAUL SMITH, LUMINOX, MICHEL HERBELIN, FERRAGAMO, JUNGHANS, VICTORINOX 3year: CITIZEN ■ Service time period It takes about 3 to 4 weeks after a service request at Service Center and it can be shorter or longer depending on repair conditions and details. It can also take more than 3 months in case of the related parts or components out of stock. ■ Goods not possible for Exchange or Refund Exchange or Refund is not possible for the product already in use and the product with scratch(s) or the product with band(s) adjusted even before using it. ■ Goods to be excluded from a free customer service or goods impossible to be put into service. Worn-out Parts (consumable): Watch Strap(leather, metal), Parts(glasses, crown, buckle, hour mark, etc.) ■ Customer Service Contact Point With a warranty, Customer Service is possible at any GALLERY O'CLOCK directly managed shops across the country. (But Exchange is not possible) * Customer Support Division at Headquarters(Saturday and National holidays are off and be advised to check beforehand whether a related-part is in stock or not before visiting) Tel: 02-3284-1301~2 Address: Jeonmoon-gunsol-heakwan 12th floor, 395-70, Shindaebang-dong, Dongiak-gu, Seoul ■ Others 1. A warranty sealed by a staff is certainly needed for Customer Service. 2. A cost of repair may be charged for the defect(s) caused by a customer even during warranty. (Example: Impact, Moisture, Scratch, Damage band, etc.) 3. In case that a customer has lost a warranty, a purchase record can be confirmed at Shilla Duty-Free Shop.

A/S Service


    ★Please read this information!★

    - Please note that adjusting the size of the watch band is not available before departure. Visit the nearest after sales service center to receive the service. 

    - Please note that due to the characteristics of the duty-free items, we do not provide gift-wrap service and a shopping bag.

    - Please read the WATCH GUIDE BOOK, and bring the warranty card when you visit the service center. 

    < Stores accepting your request for the after sales service>

    ★ Please note that adjusting the size or length of a watch band before you receive an item is not possible. We do not provide services for the size adjustment at the stores in the airport. 

    Please visit the corresponding department stores or duty-free stores written on the guide book to receive after sales service. Please bring the warranty card with the item to request for the service or receive it for free(only for size adjustment). 

    ★ Please note that you will be able to find stores that provide after sales services in your guide book enclosed with the warranty card.

    Requesting an after sales will not be accepted except for those stores. In addition, please bring the warranty card with you when you visit stores.

    If you are not able to make a visit to stores, please contact the customer center to request it via courier. 

      * Duty Free Shop

    - Seoul: Lotte Main Store, World-Tower Store, Shinsegae Dutr-Free Main Store, The Shilla Duty-Free Main Store, Dongwha Duty-Free Store, Shilla I Park Duty-Free Store, Doota Duty-Free Store, Hyundai Department Duty-Free Store: Trade Center Seoul. 

    - Busan: Lotte Duty Free's Busan Store, Shinsegae Centum City

    - Jeju Island: Lotte Duty Free's Jeju Store , JDC Dutr-Free Store , JTO Dutr-Free Store

    * Department Store

    Seoul: Lotte Department Star City, Lotte Department Yeongdeungpt Store, AK Plaza Guro Store

    Incheon: Hyundai Premium Outlet in Songdo

    Gyeonggi: Lotte Department Ilsan Store, Shinsegae Department Goyang Store, Lotte Department Guri Store, Lotte Department Jungdong Store, Lotte Department Bundang Store, Galleria Department Suwon Store, Lotte Department Suwon Store, Lotte Department Ansan Store, Lotte Department Pyeongchon Store, Yeoju Premium Outlets , Shinsegae Department Gyeonggi Store, Lotte Paju Premium Outlet , AK Plaza Pyeongtaeks Store , Shinsegae Department Store Starfield Hanam 

    Gyeongsangdo: Lotte Department Pohang Store, Lotte Department Changwon Store, Shinsegae Department Masan Store, Galleria Department Jinju Store, Lotte Department Sangin Store, Lotte Department Ulsan Store

    Busan: Lotte Department Dongnae Store, Lotte Department Gwangbok Store

    Chungchongdo: The Galleria Centercity, Hyundai Department Store in Chungchong, Lotte Department Daejeon Store

    Jeollado: Lotte Department Jeonju Store

    ★As battery life is depending on the manufacturing date, the batteries can be easily discharged. This is not regarded as a product defect, and batteries can be replaced , free of charge within warranty period. Please bring the warranty card when you make a visit to the store where you purchased the item or officially designated customer service center. 

    Repair service for the items that have exceeded the warranty period will normally take 3 to 4 weeks, and the period may differ depending on the situation. It may take longer than 3 months depending on the existence and nonexistence of the consumables.

Image details

Please read

  • 1. All the products were taken of the real thing. The material of the product may differ slightly from the actual image due to shooting conditions and monitor installation. The final color is based on the actual product.
  • 2. Depending on the benefit condition, the final payment amount of The Shilla Online Duty Free Shop and The Shilla Duty Free Offline Shop may be different.
  • 3. By customs laws and related notices, we can not exchange goods after receipt of duty-free goods.
  • 4. After the order is submitted, the order may be cancelled due to problems with the product or the order.
  • 5. After product receipt, if there is a problem with the product, please contact the Customer service directly.
  • 6. If you can not receive the item ordered by customer's circumstances We will cancel the order within 10 days from departure date. After canceling your order, we will return the full amount refund within 15 days to the customer's account used at the time of payment.

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