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DANIEL WELLINGTON Emalie Bracelet Satin White S Medium

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Daniel Wellington
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Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a Swedish watch company, founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander. Headquartered in central Stockholm in Sweden, the company has different networks in over 25 countries.
Inspired by his new acquaintance’s timeless style, Filip decided to create his own line of watches. Minimalistic and refined, the classic design with interchangeable straps truly has wide-ranging appeal. Now a few years later, this design is still an important part of what makes Daniel Wellington so special.

Daniel Wellington represents detail oriented design at its finest. Coveted for their tasteful allure, our iconic timepieces and accessories are worn on all occasions by men and women all over the world.

We believe in keeping it simple, using clean lines, and letting the product speak for itself. That is why all of our products are characterized by simplicity and minimalism. This subtle set of qualities is what makes a Daniel Wellington a true classic to love for years to come.


Product details

Product details
Material/Purity/BandMaterial(Watch) STAINLESS STEEL
Weight 20g
Size Medium
Caution Please note that allergic reaction to stainless steel or leather may occur depending on your skin condition.
Warranty Provided Y
Quality Assurance Standard Warranty Coverage:

1. Warranty service provided for 24 months from the date of purchase only for the products with warranty statement.

2. Exchange, refund, or return cannot be made for products with damage caused by the customer’s negligence.
ftc.Default-NATION.name China

National size guide Details

Classic Bracelet


    ■ Please take into consideration that exchange or refund in regards to the following cases is not possible as it is not considered to be a product defect:

    1) Caution when purchasing leathered watches of Daniel Wellington
    * Daniel Wellington’s leather straps are coated with oil for vintage and classic mood. Straps of same model could have different color.
    * A light brown colored lines created on the surface of a leather after wearing or bending a strap is a unique feature of Daniel Wellington leather.
    * Fine scratches created on the leather during usage blurs when it’s rubbed with a finger.
    2) Caution when purchasing accessories
    * Daniel Wellington accessories are made with stainless which could get discolored by perfume, lotion, sweat, etc. To keep them shiny, use soft cloth to clean them frequently.
    * A/S (size adjustment, plating, etc.), exchange or refund is not possible for accessories.

    ■ [Iconic Link Watch] Stores for size adjustment service
    Online: https://danielwellington.zendesk.com/hc/ko/requests/new
    Offline: Any of Daniel Wellington store in Korea and some of the Duty-Free shops.

    * Adjusting the link is not possible without warranty statement.
    * Please refer to the provided guidebook to check on the stores for size adjusting.
    * Straps are not compatible.

    ■ A/S
    1. A/S is not possible at the duty-free shop
    2. Please make a request for A/S at the official store with the warranty statement or at the official online store.
    3. Free A/S is possible for parts with warranty period (24 months from the date of purchase) such as the movement, hour/minute adjustment, dial exchange and etc.
    4. Battery is not subject to warranty statement. If the battery is dead, set the hour to 12:00 and check whether the crown is tightly joined with the case. If the watch stays dead for over 15 minutes, please make an inquiry.
    5. A product has to be in its initial condition with original package when you are exchanging or returning the product. Please keep in mind that due to the nature of a leathered or metal products, it is not possible to resell them when they are scratched or used. In such case, returns may not be accepted.
    Please check on the official website of Daniel Wellington for more information. (https://danielwellington.zendesk.com/hc/ko)

Image details

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  • 3. By customs laws and related notices, we can not exchange goods after receipt of duty-free goods.
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  • 6. If you can not receive the item ordered by customer's circumstances We will cancel the order within 10 days from departure date. After canceling your order, we will return the full amount refund within 15 days to the customer's account used at the time of payment.

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