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The best technology, perfect quality and reasonable price, SEIKO loved around the world starts from 1877 when Japan’s watch king ‘Hattori Kintaro’ establishes ‘Hattori Watch Repair shop’ and opens ‘Hattori Watch Shop’ in 1881.

From a quartz watch with 300 times accuracy, and kinetic auto relay which does not need batteries, SEIKO is a global brand which experts have approved of its technological innovation and official watch for Olympics, Track and field.

SEIKO Brand Shop

Product details

Product details
Material/Purity/BandMaterial(Watch) STEEL WATCH
Weight about 140g
Size 40
Caution 1. Please be aware of contact with cosmetics, sweat and other moisture as that may lead to watch band and watch discoloration and contamination, along with skin stimulation. In case of steel and metal material, skin trouble may occur depending on individual, and if so, stop using the product immediately and consult a specialist. 2. Although the product may be water resistant, the inner watch may fill in with humidity depending on instant water pressure. Be ware of contact with water during hand wash and others. 3. Gold, rose gold-plated products may have potential discoloration depending on storage condition. (plating oxidizes due to high amount of copper material.) 4. Be aware of dropping the product as watch components are weak in shocks. 5. Be aware of contact with strong electronic devices as watch components have weak characteristics to static and magnetism. 6. Inquire to the store before purchasing about the possibility of watch band control and others.
Main Spec Quartz Chronograph
Warranty Provided Y
ftc.Default-NATION.name Japan

National size guide


    ※ Be advised to check in advance whether it is possible to adjust/repair watch bands before a purchase by contacting the store. If you inquire band adjustment at [Product Review or Product Q&A], this would not work. When ordering on online, leave your wrist size at [Leaving a Comment] for the band adjustment. Strap adjustments Enquiry: Visit to our Shilla Duty-Free Hotel Department or call by 02-2230-1480. Official Warranty/Repair Customer Service Center at Samsung Watch Request (Post, Mail or Visiting - Warranty Card is compulsory). ※ Please be advised that gift wrapping service or shopping bag is not provided for Duty-Free item(s). ※Water Resistant※ 1. If "WATER RESISTANT" is inscribed on the case back, your watch is designed and manufactured to withstand up to 3 bar OR 5 bar, such as accidental contact with splashes of water or rain, but it is not designed for wearing while swimming, diving or having a shower. 2. Never operate the crown or chronograph push-buttons when the watch is wet or underwater to prevent water penetrating into the case. ※Electronic(Battery) Watch 1. Battery life is generally 1~2 years from the manufacturing date not purchasing date. 2. There is a possibility of a watch to stop working right after a purchase. This is not a defect. ※ Accuracy (Mechanical watch) 1. Mechanical watches should be worn daily for more than 8 hours to avoid a gain or loss of time may result. 2. Accuracy, -15 to +25 seconds per day when static. The accuracy of mechanical watches varies slightly from day to day, depending on various conditions such as placing your watch near devices generating strong magnetic fields. 3. The accuracy of mechanical watches varies depending on the product, models, or its daily movement/activities. 4. It is recommended servicing your watch every two years to keep it in high quality condition. ※ Leather Strap The life span of a leather strap depends on you care and wearing habits therefore we recommend this instruction below. 1. Leather strap is vulnerable to discoloration and deterioration from moisture, sweat and direct sunlight. 2. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or strong light to prevent the color from fading. 3. Avoid contact with greasy substances, cosmetic products and perfumes. ※ Other conditions 1. Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures or temperature variations(solar radiation, halogen spotlight, etc.). 2. To avoid causing any damage to a watch due to battery leakage, it is recommended not to leave your watch dead for more than 2 months. 3. Avoid direct contact with solvents, detergents, perfumes, mosquito repellent or any chemicals, since they damage your watch's components. 4. Avoid placing your watch near devices generating strong magnetic fields. 5. Waterproof watches for over 100M are screw type of watches to adjusting any time or date. Screw it out when adjusting time or date, and after any adjusting or setting, press the crown and gently to position 1 turn it clockwise and then screw it carefully down to maintain your watch’s water-resistance.



    1. 3 atmospheres (3BAR) or 5 atmospheres (5BAR) Waterproofing means Splash-resistant, which only prevents water splashing.

    2. If the watch is underwater, do not use crown or pushbutton.

    ※ Battery (electronic) watch ※

    1. The life span of an electronic watch is an average of 1 to 2 years from the date of manufacture of the battery, not the date of purchase.

    2. The battery starts discharging gradually after mounting the watch on the watch. Sometimes the watch may stop even after purchase, but it is not a manufacturing defect or a watch failure.

    ※ Error (mechanical watch) ※

    1. Mechanical watches (automatic watches) are worn for more than 8 hours a day and require sufficient momentum to charge.

    2. An error of 1 ~ 15 seconds ~ + 25 seconds occurs on the average, and if it is placed close to a mobile phone, TV, audio, speaker etc. affected by magnetic field, there will be more time deviations.

    3. There are different time error ranges according to clock model and personal activity.

    4. To keep your watch in top condition, we recommend periodic inspections every two years.

    ※ Leather strap ※

    To preserve the prototype of the leather strap for a long period of time, we recommend the following:

    1. Avoid moisture and water to prevent discoloration and deformation.

    2. Exposure to direct sunlight for a long time may cause discoloration and discoloration.

    3. Leather may be contaminated with oil. Avoid contact with oily products or cosmetics.

    ※ Other conditions ※

    1. Placing the watch too long or too cold may cause the watch to malfunction.

    2. For battery-powered watches, if left unattended for more than two months, mercury may cause serious damage to the machine.

    3. If you use soap or chemicals (perfume, skin) directly on your watch, it may cause damage.

    4. Avoid electric fields (mobile phones) or magnets in handbags that can damage machine parts.

    5. For waterproof watches over 100M, screw-type crown is equipped.

    When adjusting the time, date, etc., screw it out and turn it off. After adjustment, press the crown to the 1st position and turn it off to lock it.


A/S Service

    ※A/S※ 1. A warranty card or a warranty sticker with the date of purchase will be pasted on the last page of the instruction manual of your watch. SEIKO warrants that if your Seiko watch described on the enclosed Certificate of Limited Warranty proves, on presentation by you within 1 year from the date of purchase, to be defective in material or workmanship and provided the watch was purchased from an authorized SEIKO retailer, we will regulated adjust or repair or replace parts or movements without charge to you. This warranty does not apply to damage while in the possession of the consumer(humidified watch, screen damage, band scratches, damaged glasses, damaged leather band, broken screw) not resulting in our sole opinion, from a defect in material or workmanship. 2. Please be advised that if you have already received repairs from another repair shop not the official branches, your warranty will be cancelled.

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