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The world's famous designer Calvin Klein and the Swatch Group pooled their formidable talent in 1997 to create CALVIN KLEIN WATCHES AND JEWELRY, a watch brand that has been leading the Swiss watchmaking industry in the fashion segment.

We now offer more 200 different models, available in more than 80 countries, all boasting Swiss-made quality and designed to appeal to all tastes.

We have been delivering 'affordable luxury' value with a new design that emphasizes 'minimalism'.

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Product details

Product details
Material/Purity/BandMaterial(Watch) leather
Weight Did not receive from provider
Size 42.00mm
Caution Do not wear inside water such as shower, sauna, pool, sea water
Main Spec water resistant
Warranty Provided Y
Quality Assurance Standard Due to manufacturing characteristics, the casing and the movement are all integrated, and you can receive compensation measures for customer negligence and defect after the warranty period but you must keep the warranty. The band is available for only paid AS regardless of the period of use.
ftc.Default-NATION.name Switzerland

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    ■ Customer Service Notice The customer can get a free-customer service in case of the product confirmed as target of a free-customer service (such as manufacturing defects). Free or charged repair services are provided as per request in Korea. The repair price will be different depending on the products. In case of consumables it is the customer’s charge of repair fees and these cannot be a reason of exchanges/refunds/returns. ■ Free-Customer Service period Quality assurance for product's initial manufacturing defects is 2 years form the date of purchase (Consumables and customer’s mishandlings are excluded) A free battery replacement is provided for up to 1 year. ■ Goods out of a free customer repair service or goods impossible in service. Consumables and customer’s mishandlings issues (It is possible that the repairing period can be prolonged due to insufficient stock) Enquiry Contact 02-3149-9555 (FAX 02-393-4249) ■ Other At least one of followings; a warranty card, an exchange ticket or a receipt should be presented at the Customer Service Center. Please keep the warranty card in case of repair service is needed.

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  • 6. If you can not receive the item ordered by customer's circumstances We will cancel the order within 30 days from departure date. After canceling your order, we will return the full amount refund within 15 days to the customer's account used at the time of payment.

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